Detailed Description

UVA Chip /Module Application Cases of Cymmetrik Group

01-Flexo Printing Curing Solution

Goodun standard system can match flexo printing up to 400m/min

Device Model: Flexo Printing Machine(STF-460T-4F).

Printing Speed: 100-150m/min.

Ink: Hangzhou Toka UV161.

Goodun LED lamp: K480BH pre-curing *3+ KP480BH curing*1.

Effectiveness: 100% Curing.

02-Taiyo High-speed Rotation Screen printing machine

Goodun standard system can match the printing speed of screen printing up to 200m/min

03-Screen printing low temperature material curing solution

Tailor-made light source irradiation area-matching a variety of models.

Bottom water-cooled module design-cooling at the bottom of the material, suitable for electronic film label materials.

Side blowing design-material surface cooling suitable for electronic film label materials.

Smoking device-absorb ink atomization gas to prevent pollution and loss of printed matter and equipment.

04-Label printing curing solution

Better chemical, physical and mechanical properties.

Syringe,Catheter,Filter,Sensor,Medical equipment,Dentistry

05-Central integrated refrigeration project

Top floor refrigeration engineering scheme.

Workshop refrigeration engineering.