Goodun’s standard light source appearance in Label Forum Japan

Jiangsu Goodled Precision Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “company”) is going to attend the Label Forum Japan 2019 from July 9th to 10th which is held in Tokyo,Japan.The exhibition will attract the major label printing enterprises,equipment manufacturers,consumable&accessories suppliers and all other parties related to attend,which also is known as the only international exhibition in the label industry in Japan.




The global label market is expected to expand continuously in the coming years,and green environmental protection,intelligent printing,high quality and equisite printing will be its development trend.Benefit from its advantages like zero pollution,VOCs emission free,low energy consumption,low heat and long service life,UV LED light source will get more widely applied in Label printing industry.


Our company will show GOODUN brand X300、KP480、K280-180 series light source and efficient and reliable solutions at this exhibition.Goodun standard light source can match the printing speed of flexography printing 400m/min and offset printing 300m/min,even the ordinary UV ink can also be perfectly cured by our light source.No need for the users to replace it with LED special ink which means a saving of long-term consumable cost of the enterprises.



Label printing curing process requires stable wavelength of light source system,uniform energy,good heat dissipation and high reliability.Especially the high speed flexo printing,it requires faster opening of ink molecular chains,hence you need to configure it with higher power light source.So it demands higher requirement for heat resistance and stability of chip materials,the heat dissipation performance of light source and stability of driving system.From upstream chip end to downstream system integration end,Goodun standard light source solves the problems that other UV LED cannot solve,for instance incomplete curing,poor stability,high failure rate etc.. It can fully meet the technical equipment of label printing, and help user enterprise to improve production efficiency, to reduce material loss and labor time loss.



In recent years,Goodun has been actively exploring overseas markets,seeking more extensive global cooperation with the goal of win-win situation,helping global users improve curing process with high performance and high quality products,and becoming a powerful participant in the global label market.