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The 2020 Electronica China, known as the bellwether of the Chinese electronics industry, will be grandly held at NECC(Shanghai) from July 3rd  to 5th.

As the Global First Show of the electronic industry in the second half of 2020, Electronica China is organized by Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. jointly held the Productronica China and LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA and VisionChina (Shanghai) jointly organized with the Machine Vision Industry Alliance attract nearly 3,000 exhibitors, with an exhibition scale of 160,000 square meters.

Jiangsu Goodled Precision Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. with its technology in the UV LED curing application in the electronics manufacturing industry. As a conqueror of problems, GOODUN provides solutions to customers, sharing cutting-edge solutions and innovative vision in the electronics manufacturing industry. Specially invited senior experts in the field of semiconductors to share face-to-face with you on the evolution, challenges and testing of technology, to help you quickly catch up with the pace of technological iteration and update.

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Face-to-face sharing of new technologies, challenges and testing experience to help you solve the problems in UV LED curing.
Among the exhibits, the ring light source C25/C16/C3 is equipped with a dispenser and curing while dispensing glue to prevent the glue from collapsing and improve production yield. It help scustomers improve production efficiency and save production space. In addition, Guretek first launched curing the overall scheme of the link is customized, and the GOODUN Curing Oven was unveiled at the exhibition. It can be equipped with both linear and area light sources, which can greatly reduce the cost of customers and greatly improve efficiency. It has attracted many exhibitors and the audience's attention, triggered a heated discussion in the industry.
The electronics industry is a technology-driven industry. With the development of science and technology, electronics manufacturing companies will inevitably face strict tests on technology, responsiveness, quality control, cost, and scale production. The upgrading of electronic products continues to accelerate, and the upstream and downstream industry chains and process technologies must closely follow the trend. GOODUN is committed to becoming a leading supplier, not only focusing on the research and solution of difficult problems in the field of curing, but also actively developing solutions that highly match the customer's production process and industry development trends to provide support for customers' advanced technology.

The three-day exhibition will be held in Hall 5.1, booth B335, we are waiting for all our customers to come and visit, communicate and cooperate, and looking forward to providing services for more innovative projects!